About Us

How We Started

Fox Webstores began in 2003 at a ShopKo clearance rack. That’s where Bo Porter picked up his first raised air mattress for $20. He took it home, listed it on eBay, and it sold fast. Wanting to repeat that success, he went back to ShopKo, but there were no more air mattresses on clearance. The only way to get more was to place a $1000 order directly from the manufacturer. That’s a big investment for a newly married college student, but he convinced his wife to empty their savings and fill their living room with air mattresses.

The air mattresses sold quickly, which inspired the launch of AirBeds4Less.com, a site specializing in raised air mattresses, which were so hard to find at local stores, even Walmart.

What We Do

Our early successes in the air mattress industry led us to create a growing family of online stores that help frustrated shoppers buy items that are hard to find and high in demand. We sell a surprising variety of products, from balance bikes for children to high-tech snorkeling equipment, from premium air mattresses to luxury pet beds. If you would like to see our products, check out our brands page.

Our Vision

When we started, we mainly sold products created by other companies. Since then, we have added our own brands into the mix. As Fox Webstores continues to grow, we are committed to expanding our own brands with a high standard of quality and affordable, while maintaining friendly, individualized service for our customers.

Our Facility

Our 30,000 sq. ft building has a huge amount of space. We don’t want our customers to wait longer than they have to, so we warehouse our own products. This way, we are able to ship packages faster than our competitors because most of our orders ship out the same day.